Our Services

Our team of experts looks into all key aspects; the services would include Land assessment and technical recommendations, Investment proposal, 'conceptualization' of project, feasibility studies, Market studies and Business plans, Tender books preparation with technical specs listing and comparisons, identification and sourcing of material and setting up suitably designed greenhouses and infrastructure.

The technical support includes Crop management and cultivation techniques, Production and post harvest management, market information on trends and new varieties will be always provided together with an on job training.


We provide investors, growers and institutions with first class advanced consultancy on various agricultural issues and integrated subjects:

  • Managing limited water resources
  • Soils and irrigation
  • Soil reclamation and conditioning
  • Soil and water salinity
  • Water logging and drainage
  • Protected and open field cropping
  • Growing information
  • Crop rotations
  • Climate control
  • Harvest & post – harvesting
  • Mechanization
  • Diseases and IPM programs
  • Biological control
  • Composting
  • Tissue culture protocols
  • Technology Transfer
  • Hydro cultures
  • Marketing

Feasibility Studies

Pre-investment studies Our team of experts uses these services to prove the technical, logistical, market and financial feasibility of your agricultural project.
With the proven logic of your plan with budgets, costings and forecasts you may proceed with confidence and attract financial support or investors.

  • On-site pragmatic investigation
  • Archive and data base
  • Civil works, infrastructure and components budgets
  • Summary and full reports of cash flow and financial sensitivity analysis.

Project Management & Supervision

Astral Int'l main secret of success is the project management and supervision We provide you with:

  • Technical Know-how contracts
  • Turnkey installation contracts
  • Turnkey management contracts
  • Supervision contracts
  • Training contracts
  • Post harvest training contracts.
  • Quality Control Audit
  • Development contracts


Marketing Assistance

  • Astral Int'l helps and guides clients to find and develop their marketing channels.
  • Astral Int'l provides you with market and trend information in the floricultural world and markets of agricultural produce.
  • Astral int'l acts as a trade mediator and facilitator and can act as a wholesaler of cut-flowers in certain cases and projects.
  • Astral Provides training and workshops on post –harvest issues