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'Astral International SAL' and 'Astral Agricultural sarl' provides horticultural investors a complete package for setting successful hi-tech floricultural projects.

Our services are backed by: a wealth of knowledge in a wide array of crops, a practical accumulated expertise in various areas of the Gulf and MENA area and a continuous exposure to most up to dated techniques in the agricultural sector.  We pride ourselves in offering low cost solutions and indigenous technology for setting up successful agricultural projects.

Our team of experts looks into all key aspects; the services would include Land assessment and technical recommendations, Investment proposal, 'conceptualization' of project, feasibility studies, Market studies and Business plans, Tender books preparation with technical specs listing and comparisons, identification and sourcing of material and setting up suitably designed greenhouses and infrastructure.

The technical support includes Crop management and cultivation techniques, Production and post harvest management, market information on trends and new varieties will be always provided together with an on job training.

Riad Rabah

Managing Director and Chief Consultant

E-mail: riad@astral-international.com

  • Riad is a Chief consultant with over 35 years of experience in the providing agricultural consultancy in the MENA region. During this period, he has studied, planned, recommended and executed hundreds of feasible agricultural projects. The executed projects include various products from agronomic crops (wheat, corn, alfalfa, and legumes), horticultural crops (vegetables, fruit orchards, and viticulture) and ornamentals.

  • Riad acted as a technical consultant for the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture from 1982 to 1984, a strategical planner for ASTRA Farms in Saudi Arabia during 1984 to 1990 and was hired for several key consultancy investments that tackle food safety and food security.

  • Riad pioneered Hydroponics plantation in Lebanon and the Arab world starting 1981 through the application of Nutrient Film Technique (NFT systems) and has since then improved many aspects related to water consumption, automation, climate control to attain feasible commercial production of staple food crops year round.

  • Riad holds a BA in Biochemistry, a Diploma in Food Technology & Nutrition (FTN) from American University of Beirut (AUB), a Diploma in clinical Pathology, Bacteriology, Serology, & Medical Chemistry from AUB Hospital (Now AUBMC) and Masters Training program in applicable Soilless Systems (Nutrient Film Technique, Rockwool and inert substrates) from I.S.O.S.C. Wageningen – The Netherlands.

  • Riad is committed to translate his extensive knowhow and expertise towards the initiation of sustainable food production solutions that address food security in an era of limited natural resources, decreasing arable lands and growing world population.

Haissam Radieddine

Executive Manager and Import Export Director

E-mail: haissam@astral-international.com

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