Astral at South BIC Exhibition

Astral has participated at South BIC Exhibition for Advanced Agricultural Technologies presenting three practical operating hydroponic growing systems using the NFT method (HYDROSTRAL 250 & HYDROSTRAL 100) and the ASTRAL Cocogreen growing bags of cocopeat mixes.

One of the three systems was for plantation in the traditional double deck system, a second was an advanced vertical system (four decks) and the third was an A – shape system for mixed plantation of NFT and growing bags inside a gutter.

All the systems have live strawberry plants, specialty lettuce and an assortment of herbs varieties that were growing during the exhibition three days period.

Our participation was greatly appreciated by organizers, agricultural engineers and organizations, investors and visitors who had the opportunity to discover and watch the systems in real operation. We as well were happy for the expressed compliments and the positive impact we left on serious people towards introducing new agricultural techniques that incent and promote the Lebanese agricultural sector.